Authentic Christian Living

The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord,
    but he loves him who pursues righteousness.

~ Proverbs 15:9, ESV ~

When we look at creation, we see intricate and complex designs. There is a certain rhythmic order as well. One may say there is a sense of purpose – a plan – when we admire God’s creation. Scripture illuminates that God is a person of purpose. And, His purpose is one of righteousness.

Contrary to God’s plan, and purpose, we rebel. We go against the character and nature of who God is. Our desires and our purpose is to live and let live. To experience pleasures of this life. We become hedonists because our appetites become stronger and more powerful until we find ourselves enslaved and in captivity.

The only relief and freedom from our prison is to turn to God. This is the reason God loves those who pursue Him and righteousness. We are demonstrating our love toward Him as He had demonstrated His love toward us through His Son, Jesus Christ (see, Romans 5:8, ESV).

Authentic Christian living begins when we denounce our love for self-indulgence. Fully commit our hearts, mind, and will over to God – as we understand and experience Him. And, establish ourselves willing and obedient to His divine will and purpose.

Today, let us put off the spirit of disobedience. Break free from the chains of false and cheap grace that only demands lip service to confess Christ and invite him into your heart as a means of salvation. For, our spiritual transformation is a sacred rite and passage into the Kingdom of God.

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3 thoughts on “Authentic Christian Living

  1. “Today, let us put off the spirit of disobedience. Break free from the chains of false and cheap grace that only demands lip service to confess Christ and invite him into your heart as a means of salvation.”

    I so agree! Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it. Sue


  2. Growing up in Spirit and Truth, is where this freedom is:
    As I am and have found out, no flesh can please Father, none but one that won once for everyone to change their mind from first birth in unbelief to belief.

    Not easy, when we see physically, and are taken away by what we see and experience, whether good or bad.
    For as said no flesh can please Father. Only one that ever did that is Son, Jesus our mediator between God and man

    Thank you again for the insight(s) you share Brother. Beginning to see what is out of alignment in each of us.

    Stress has caused a gigantic mess, it is as if my spark plugs are fouled even just a modicum, so the body des not run well.

    In Spirit and Truth we are saved by God in belief to his love and mercy for us, never wanting to take that for granted, yet seems like at least I have and still do, not wanting to do anyone harm ever again

    Learning to listen: To God himself, not self or mankind

    Matt 10:16-20

    As I think each person does want love and acceptance with remaining forgiven, And God himself through Son has done this for us all
    As He waits for us to turn to him and remain in belief, even through any and all adversities

    Tells me what fouls my spark plugs is Stress, and not getting any rest from that stress, yet Father calls us to rest

    Hebrews 4:9-11. 12-13


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